The Fluor Ex Max cartridge is an all natural, advanced fluoride removal media offering an alternative to the traditional Actival based cartridges.

Using modern Nano technology, an activated carbon molecule is bonded with a naturally occurring form of calcium. Due to its unique chemical properties, it has a high capacity to remove Fluoride as well as other negatively charged contaminants such as Arsenic or Lithium

Using standard filter housings, we install two purifier cartridges. The first housing contains a CBC cartridge with Activated Carbon to remove all chemicals and bad taste and odour from the water supply.  The second housing contains the Fluor Ex Max Cartridge to remove the fluoride.

95 % Fluoride is removed for around 2000 litres at 2 litres per minute flow.

Replacement cartridges      ( included in initial purchase)

Fluromax Ex Max Fluoride cartridge     $ 130.00 every 2000 litres

CBC  Chemical removal cartridge    $ 70.00 ( recommended to replace each 2000 litres to protect the FluorMax Ex cartridge


1 ) The Default Price does include a pressure limiting valve ( PLV ) that is required for insurance purposes if you have high water pressure and do not have a PLV installed to the house supply.  All modern homes have these fitted, but houses built before 2010 may not. If in doubt choose to fit one as we are only charging cost price and it provides good protection against high pressure damage to the filter casing and potential water leaks.

The purpose of the PLV is to stop high water pressure and “Water Hammer’  from cracking the filter casing.  Water hammer is a sudden burst of pressure  caused by sudden closing of water valves and is common with modern ceramic taps, dishwashers and washing machines.   We use high quality NZ Apex Branded valves for an extra $35.00. Cheaper Chinese models are available on request .

2) There are a range of taps and connection valves to choose from. Please choose the options to suit. your installation. All taps shown are chrome plated brass construction except for the Platinum which is all stainless steel. Budget priced plastic taps are available on request.

Height required with wall bracket  360 mm

Height required without wall bracket 320 mm

Depth 150 mm

Width  300 mm

Casing rated to 125 psi or 875 kpa water pressure.

Weight 5 kg
Bench top tap selection

Designer, Lever Deluxe, Platinum

Water Connection Valve

ASV10, DWTO Dish washer take off valve, G Clamp, Paralell valve, SV5 Plumbers delight

Pressure Limiting Valve ( PLV )

No PLV, PLV included