Frequently asked questions

Can you remove flouride with an underbench filter set up?

No standard purifier system will remove fluoride and so we need to install a specific cartridge or system for this purpose. There are three cartridge options plus our favorite, Reverse Osmosis which we specialize setting up. Take a look at our Fluoride options page or contact us today and we can explain the options to you.

What are the benefits of a whole house system?

Whole house systems have been around for over 20 years, but a huge increase in chlorine intolerance has seen a massive swing in popularity. Prices have dropped and the range available has increased, making them very economical to use. Drink from any tap in the house, have clean water going to your washing machine and water your plants with chlorine free water. Bath and shower in fresh chemical free water and enjoy a softer feel, no swimming pool smell and your skin will love you!

Will a whole house system protect my hot water cylinder from lime build up?

Although some companies give the impression this may happen with a standard water purifier, this is not fully possible without a true water softening system. A simple cartridge system may help a little, but standard filter cartridges will not remove dissolved minerals and water softening cartridges have a short life before requiring replacement. Magnetic Ionizers have also been promoted on and off for several years too, but their effectiveness has never been proven. Hard water with calcium and magnesium minerals will still scale as the water is heated or cooled. If you do have problems with scale we can set up a true water softening system for you. If you also want chemical removal then you will require two separate systems.

How often should I change my filter cartridges?

There are range of different medias used in water filter and water purifier cartridges from GAC ( Granulated Activated Carbon) to carbon blocks, to KDF and some cartridges use silver to enhance the hygienic life of a cartridge. Irrespective of the cartridge type no cartridge should be used on water known to contain bacteria as any bacteria will use the collected dirt and cellulose of the GAC to survive on and breed. Although a 0.5 micron cartridge may sound great, only a ceramic cartridge at 0.2 microns will actually remove bacteria Generally the cheaper cartridges use GAC made from coconut fiber which can promote the growth of bacteria in the cartridge so these should be replaced between 6 and 12 monthly. Carbon blocks should generally be replaced 12 to 18 monthly to maintain a hygienic environment and cartridges with silver or KDF from 24 to 36 months depending on the cartridge, the water source and the amount of use.

Do you travel as far as Levin for installations/servicing?

Absolutely, Our mobile service covers the whole Wellington, Kapiti and Horowhwnua regions including Foxton.. Outside of these areas we have other contacts who can visit your home or office.

What guarantee do your filters have?

Our reputation is reliant on high quality products and when something does go wrong, the prompt repair or replacement of the problem part. All cartridges have a pro rata warranty based on use before the problem occurs. All filter casings and parts have a three year warranty and we extend this to a lifetime warranty where the system is installed and serviced as recommended.