Commercial and high flow domestic carbon systems for chemical removal in high use or high flow situations. Compared to cartridge systems, they contain a lot more active media so they allow higher flow rates and will purify large volumes of water.  For example a 20 inch large cartridge contains 2 kg of Activated carbon where as a commonly used 844 tank holds 10 kg of Activated carbon media. This allows higher chemical removal both in terms of water flow speed and time between media replacements.

The systems are generally backwashed periodically ( weekly or monthly depending on water quality and use) to remove collected sediment and ‘fluff’ up the media. This requires either a drain or a garden for the backwash water to flow to.

Options of pass through, Manual backwash and Automatic back wash available for different required flow rates.

The most common sizes are listed but larger models are available. Please contact us for further information to decide the size required.

Note: Tank sizes are Diameter x Height in inches.  eg An 844 tank is 8 inches diameter x 44 inches high ( + height of head assembly).

The 844 is a very common size for a standard home. The 1252 is a common commercial size.

Model                                           Flow rate               Weight of         Capacity                                      .

( Litres per Minute )    Carbon Media    ( Litres)

717 manual                         up to 20 l/ min                   3 kg

717 no backwash                                                          3 kg


735 Manual                         up to 25 l/ min                   6 kg            800,000 litres


844 Manual                         up to 30 l/ min                   10 kg          1 million  litres

844 Automatic   -263 head -up to 30 l/ min                  10 kg


1054 Manual                      up to 40 l/ min                   18 kg           3 million   litres

1054 Automatic                 up to 40 l/ min                   18 kg


1252 Manual                      up to 60 l/ min                   25 kg           5 million    litres

1252 Automatic                 up to 60 l/ min                   25 kg

Further information on the options is available on request. Please email us at [email protected] and ask for a full leaflet or give us a call to discuss the options.

Weight 15 kg
Tank Size

735, 844, 935, 1054, 1252

Backwash option

Automatic Backwash – 263 Head, Manual Backwash