In Line systems make it so easy to get purified water. Just turn on your normal cold tap!

The IL CBC is our most popular system for in line to the main cold tap as the CBC cartridge  has the highest density and greatest capacity  to provide the best removal of chlorine, chemicals, VOC’s and THM’s and organic taste and odour.

  • 1 micron filtration
  • Cartridge rated for chlorine removal up to 75,000 litres

Filter casing has 15 mm ports and comes standard with a 600 mm flexihose with an elbow connection for easy installation.  This set up fits most kitchen cupboards with a braided flexi hose coming off the kitchen tap.  If the tap hose will not reach the filter location, an extra flexihose may be required.

Filter casing is rated to 125 psi or 870 kpa. If you do not have a pressure reducing valve to the house and you have high water pressure it is recommended to purchase the optional pressure limiting valve with this kit to prevent possible damage to the filter system and potential water leaks.

Because the cartridge filters to a fine one micron, if you know you have a dirty water supply choose to add a pre sediment filter in front of the main Carbon cartridge. This is especially important for homes in Petone and Lower Hutt.

Pre Sediment filter

Standard system, Add pre sediment filter

Pressure Limiting Valve


Add Water Shut off Valve

No Valve, Add valve