Water Distillers boil the water and cool the pure steam back to pure water. The result is absolutely pure water with no chemicals, metals fluoride , bacteria or anything else in the water,- just pure water.
The Megahome distiller is a very popular and reliable model made in Taiwan,- not China !
We have supplied these for over 18 years now and have been very happy with their performance and reliability.
The boiling chamber, internal lid and cooling coils are all stainless steel. The carbon filter holder  has a  ceramic inner and all new models now come standard with a glass collection container so the water never touches plastic!


1. Distillation – Each drop of water produced by the Megahome Distiller is pure.
2. Attractive Modern Design – Easy handling. Stylish.
3. 4 litre Stainless Steel Inner boiling chamber and cooling coils for reliability.
4. High Rotation Motor – Quick cooling. Works 24 hours a day.
5. Heater – Formed in one piece for a longer service life.
6. Temperature Control Switch – High precision temperature control with an automatic cut-off feature. Safe to distill water even when no one is at home.
7. Automatic switch off at the end of the distillation process. – Conveniently allows you to distill water while sleeping or at work.
8. Activated Carbon Filter Layer – Removes any residual chemicals and improves the taste. (optional but 6 filters come with the distiller).
9. No Installation Required – Just plug it in!
10. 12 month manufacturers warranty.

Other beneficial features are:
• Produces 4 litres every 5 to 6 hours ( depending on temperature of the water at start.)
• Only 580 watts power use.
• Quiet operation.
• Conforms to NZ Electrical Standards.

Every Megahome Water Distiller comes complete with the following accessories:
One 4 litre Glass Collection Bottle – One x 200 g of Stainless Steel Descaler – Six Packs of Activated Charcoal post filters- One Power Cable.

The supplied stainless steel descaler / cleaner and carbon filters should last around 6 months use. Replacements packets are for 12 months use and can be found on our web site

12 Month Manufacturers Warranty

Comment. We recommend  the Stainless steel model over the white, cream one as the white powder coating can develop rust marks around the top seal after several years use.

What does it cost to operate a water distiller?

Nov 2019. – My power company charges 30 cents per KWH. The distiller uses 580 watts ( 0.58 KW) per hour over 5 hours = 2.9 kwh = 87 cents for 4 litres of pure water.
If you add the cost of descaler to clean the distiller and replacement carbon filters every month that will total another $1.46 per week or $6.28 per month.

Not bad for 100% pure water!!



Height 360 mm

Diameter base 200 mm

Capacity 4 litres per fill

Power rating 580 watts

Weight 5 kg