Omnipure K2567 cartridge with a combination of activated carbon and KDF for both chemical and heavy metal reduction is a popular choice as a replacement fridge filter for cartridges installed at the rear of the fridge and is better quality than most branded filters supplied with new fridges which only have activated carbon as the filter media.

Slim 2 inch ( 50 mm) diametre cartridge ( baby brother to our GAC KDF 30/1 cartridge) suited to use with fridges and under sink installations.    KDF maintains a hygenic environment for up to 24 months use.

Normal replacement depending on use is 12 to 24 monthly

Comes standard with 1/4″ ( 6.25 mm) Quickfit tube connectors.


    • Made in America by a reputable supplier
    • GAC ( Granulated Activated Carbon for chemical and chlorine removal
    • KDF for Chlorine and heavy metal removal
    • 1 micron filtration ( Giardia and cryptosporidium safe)


260 x 50 mm size

Max recommended flow 2 litres per minute

Weight 5 kg