Ideal for where you wish to be able to have a drink from a bubbler tap as well as fill glasses or bottles. Most common in gyms, factories and sports arenas where there are a lot of people.  Fountains do require a water drain to remove excess water from the bubbler.

Fountains are available in ABS plastic or Stainless Steel body and with or without a water bottle filler tap. The RM 30 is a premium model capable of chilling up to 30 litres of water per hour which is higher than most stainless models and has a durable ABS plastic outer shell which resists damage. Stainless models are well known to have dents from being hit and kicked, so this model remains looking good for many years of reliable service.

Available in Granite colour only.  Big brother to the RM20 model which only chills 20 litres per minute.

Weight 15 kg
Add Filter and parts for installtion.

Fountain only, add water filter, connection valves, pressure limiting valve and fittings