Single bathroom homes typically have lower water flows and use than homes with two bathrooms.

A single shower typically uses around 10 to 12 litres per minute which is the rated flow of most 10 inch Jumbo cartridges.  Although a 10 inch cartridge is commonly used in homes with low use, we do prefer to supply 20 inch jumbo systems where 3 or more people are in the home as the water flow performance is better and the cartridges lasts longer.  With double the cartridge size you can run a shower and turn on another tap and still have high removal and flow capacity from the cartridges.

It is recommended to use a sediment cartridge prior to the carbon cartridge to prevent the carbon cartridge from clogging with dirt.  This is also recommended with the larger 20 inch cartridges but not as essential as it takes longer for the larger cartridge to clog.

We typically recommend using 5 micron Activated Carbon cartridges as they provide good filtration and water flows and will not slow down the water flow as finer 1 and 0.5 micron cartridges will.  With a 1 micron sediment cartridge in front of the carbon filter , the carbon filter will stay clean and can work at maximum efficiency to remove the chemicals and chlorine.


Options are;

  1. Twin 10 inch Jumbo
  2. Twin 20 inch Jumbo
  3. Standard cartridges are Activated Carbon Block cartridges.  The option of adding KDF media will also reduce heavy metals such as lead.

A pressure limiting valve is essential to protect the filter casings from cracking under high pressure. Most newer homes have one fitted but older homes may not. Please either order one with the kit or ensure you plumber checks to see if one is required during installation.

10 Inch Filter Systems

Housing Height  350mm

Twin Housing Width  450mm

Max Recommended Flow  15 litres / Minute

Cartridge life ( Approx ) 130,000 litres  ( or 12 months)


20 inch Jumbo Systems

Housing Height   630mm

Twin Housing Width  450mm

Max Rec Flow  25 litres / Minute

Cartridge life (Approx) 265,000 litres (or up to 18 to 24 months)

Maximum water pressure tolerance is 80 psi or 560 kpa.  A pressure limiting valve must be installed to prevent water pressure exceeding this pressure.

Note the water shut off valve and connection shown in the 10 inch picture are not included as plumbing requirements will vary between properties.

Prices exclude installation.

Weight 5 kg
System Size Options

Twin 10 inch Jumbo with Carbon Cartridge, Twin 10 inch Jumbo with KDF Cartridge, Twin 20 inch Jumbo with Carbon Cartridge, Twin 20 inch Jumbo with KDF Cartridge

Pressure Limiting Valve

No Pressure Limiting Valve, Pressure Limiting Valve included

KDF Cartridge instead of Carbon

Std Carbon Block cartridge, KDF and GAC cartridge