Standard 10 inch Jumbo (or Big ) Cartridge fits all 10 inch Jumbo / Big filter casings whether blue or white and are common on small to medium whole house water purifiers. .

GAC  ( Granular Activated carbon) media is great for removal of Chlorine, Chemicals, Organics as well as taste and odour from water supplies.  10 Micron sediment filtration and loose media means low pressure drop and high performance in areas with low water pressure.

Also used in rural areas to reduce iron in water.

Max recommended water flow is around 12 litres per minute

Usually used in conjunction with a Polyester spun sediment cartridge in a second casing to remove the sediment and dirt before the active cartridge. Option to purchase together is available.

(Upgrade option allows addition of KDF to also reduce metals such as lead )

Refillable cartridge so can be reused if desired. Loose GAC is available from us for $25.00.

10 x 4.5 inch cartridge ( 112 x 250 mm) to fit all brands of 10 inch Jumbo /  Big casings

Weight 5 kg
Upgrade to KDF Cartridge?

GAC + KDF Cartridge, GAC only – Standard option

Pre sediment cartridge

Add Polyester Spun sediment cartridge, No Sediment Cartridge