Cartridges fit all Jumbo / Big filter casings used in whole house filter systems no matter who supplied the casing to you. ( Fits Blue and White Casings as supplied by Kiwipure, Pureflo, Aqua Filter and others).

Cartridge diametre is around 110 to 115 mm ( varies slightly with cartridge model).

Stage 1 – 5 micron Polyester spun sediment cartridge ( option of finer 1 micron available too)

Stage 2 – Cartridge with a combination of KDF for reduction of heavy metals and GAC carbon to reduce chlorine and chemicals.

Stage 3 – 5 micron Carbon Block cartridge to remove any chemicals not caught by the second stage.

Options to replace the third cartridge where other cartridges are used instead of the carbon block cartridge.

Nationwide freight only $12.00 at the checkout.

Weight 5 kg