A common cartridge to use in a Medium to Large  sized Whole House Water Purifier systems.

GAC ( Granulated Activated carbon to remove Chlorine, Chemicals, VOC’s taste and odour as well as KDF ( Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) to reduce metals such as lead as well as improve removal of Chlorine.

Normally used in conjunction with a pre sediment filter cartridge to remove dirt and sediment before the active GAC / KDF cartridge

Fits all 20 inch Jumbo / Big blue and white casings.

Cartridge proudly made in Taiwan.

American Company Pentair cartridge  also available if preferred and does contain more KDF for improved performance


4.5 x 20″ (112 x 500 mm )

Fits all standard 20 inch Jumbo / Big blue and white filter casings.

Contains GAC ( granulated activated carbon ) as well as KDF for reduction of metals such as lead and aluminium.

10 micron filtration for removal of sediment while still giving a low pressure drop to improve water flow.

Weight 5 kg

American made cartridge, Standard Cartridge -Made in Taiwan

Pre Sediment Cartridge?

Pre sediment cartridge, No Pre sediment cartridge