Compared to GAC cartridges which use loose activated carbon (usually from coconut fibre) this cartridge has a greater surface area and ability to remove fine chemicals and will not ‘channel’ the water as granulated cartridges do. It contains almost double the media of the CTO and is very effective at removing all organic chemicals, taste, odour. It is the most effective cartridge on the market for removing THM’s.

It filters to a fine 0.5 microns and is a very dense cartridge compared to others so will restrict water flow more than a GAC or CTO cartridge, so not suitable for use in high flow low pressure situations.  Must have a 1 micron sediment filter before it to prevent sediment clogging the cartridge.  For use with whole house filtration system we recommend the Matrikx Greenblock cartridge instead for better water flow.

Note this cartridge is the slim 2.5 or 62 mm diameter .

Cartridge Code                    20CBC10

Micron rating                        Half a micron  ( 0.5u)

Replacement cartridge        every 12 to18 months or as flow reduces

Removes or reduces            Chlorine, Chemicals, THM’s, PCBs from plastic pipes, aluminium sulphate, dirt, sediment, rust, algae, asbestos, bad taste & odour as well as Giardia and Cryptosporidium cysts



Weight 5 kg