For use with low water pressure below 50 psi or 350 kpa.

This is a standard 5 stage system but with an added silent booster pump to increase water pressure over the membrane..

Ideal for use with both low water pressure ( still need at least 10 psi or household gravity feed pressure to begin with) and rural situations with a fluctuating water pressure due to an air pressure tank associated wit the water pump.

System comes standard with a chrome tap and black push down lever, 12 litre storage tank and connections for a 15 mm flexihose joiner.

Cartridges supplied as standard are a pre sediment cartridge followed by two carbon CTO cartridges. If used in a rural non chlorinated water supply we will replace one carbon for a second sediment cartridge.

( let us know if you require a different connection valve, bench top tap or different pre filters to suit dirty water supplies).

Weight 15 kg