A good budget priced RO system for the cost conscience  person. Assembled in America and comes standard with a long reach black lever tap.

If you are looking for a dependable, under sink reverse osmosis system then look no further than the PureValue 4EZ50. This 4-stage unit reduces sediment particles, chemicals such as chlorine and between 93-97% of dissolved minerals such as Fluoride and Nitrates, salts and other contaminants within the first three stages. To top it off, the final stage adds a finishing polish to your water for enhanced taste. The PureValue 4EZ50 is designed for under sink installation.


PDF icon  STAGE 1 – 1x  Sediment Pre-Filter – Replace Every 12 Months
PDF icon  STAGE 2 – 1x  Carbon Block Pre-Filter  – Replace Every 12 Months
PDF icon  STAGE 3 – 1x  RO Membrane TLC 50 GPD  – Replace Every 24 Months
PDF icon  STAGE 4 – 1x  Inline Carbon Post Filter 2″ x 10″  – Replace Every 12 Months


  • RO System & Storage Tank
  • Filters
  • Faucet
  • Installation Kit


  • Flow Rate: up to 50 Gallons Per Day ( 180 litres per day)
  • Application: Point-of-Use
  • Includes standard Non-Airgap Faucet
  • 3.2 Gallons / 12 litre Storage Tank

The difference between this model and our standard 4 stage models are;

  1. Comes standard with a black lever push style tap.
  2. Lower quality carbon pre filter
  3. Lower quality RO membrane ( 5 wounds of membrane layers compared to our normal 10 layers).
  4. Pre assembled and packaged in America. Our other systems are assembled in our own workshop. (We check air tank pre load pressure and ‘run in’ membranes and post carbon filters before sending ready for immediate use).

Note; This model will be sent direct from our warehouse in either Auckland or Dunedin.

Weight 15 kg

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