Alka Spring Cartridge.

    Re-mineralise & alkalise your water !

An important addition for any standard water purifier system.

The ALKASPRING is an antioxidant composite filter which ionises water with FIR (Far-Infra-Red) Energy beads and Ceramic Mineral balls, it also makes ordinary tap water alkaline as well as the following!

a. Introduces antioxidants into your tap water (negative ORP)

b. Raises pH of tap water to approx. pH 8.59.5

c. Changes tap water into smaller clustered water molecules which creates better absorption at the cellular level and therefore increased hydration of the cells.

1. Far-Infra-Red Energy Beads: it is made out of natural infra-red raw materials,  maifanshi stone and seabed minerals that contain useful trace elements. The Far-Infra-Red process releases frequencies of 8-14um which have 90% + infra-red emissivity. The released infra-red energy can be easily absorbed, producing smaller water molecule clusters.

2. Negative Ion Minerals: The ALKASPRING dispenses ionic minerals into the source water offering negatively charged ions to help raise the pH and increasing the alkalinity.

3. Minerals and useful trace elements: The ALKASPRING is adding to your water essential minerals and trace elements, such as strontium, lithium, silicium, zinc, selenium, calcium, potassium and other rare trace elements assisting healthy functioning of your body.

Note: The purpose of the cartridge is not to act as a total mineral supplement. You still need to eat a healthy diet of fruit and vegetables as well as drinking healthy water.

pH stands for potential Hydrogen. The Alka Spring cartridge essentially raises the pH by adding Hydrogen molecules and negatively charged minerals. It then reduces the water molecule cluster size via Far Infra Red energy so the water is more freely available to be absorbed by the body’s cells and therefore increasing the ability of the cells to hydrate efficiently.

As an antioxidant the Hydrogen also combines with oxygen to form H2O or pure water. The Alka Spring cartridge is an important addition to any home water purifier system as it supplies alkaline, energized water which helps to  improve the hydration of cells and therefore the performance and function of the cells.

280 x 60 mm

Designed to be fitted after an existing Chemical water purifier cartridge

Weight 5 kg
Add Connection Tubing and Wall Bracket?

+ Wall Bracket and Tube, Cartridge only