Full set of standard cartridges + a high quality TFC membrane for a typical 4 stage system. Price discounted over individual pricing.

  • 5 micron Polyester spun sediment cartridge
  • 5 micron carbon Block cartridge ( high quality Matrikx CTO Green block model)
  • Hydron TFC membrane
  • Post GAC cartridge  ( 50 mm Omnipure K2553)

Option to upgrade the pre filters to 1 micron sediment and carbon if desired.

Option of no Post GAC cartridge for use with portable RO systems and no storage tank.

(Note brands supplied may be different from the galley picture which is only shown as a guide. We now generally use Matrikx carbon block cartridges and Omnipure GAC post filter cartridges).


Weight 5 kg
Standard 5 micron Set or upgrade to 1 micron set

Standard 5 Micron, 1 micron set

Alkaline Post Filter?

No Post GAC Filter, Standard GAC Post Filter, 62 mm Alkalizer cartridge