For newer models please contact us for pricing. Davey branded ballasts are generally in the area around $500 to $700.00..The generic ballasts are an economical alternative.

Older Steriflow systems used a blue or yellow transformer based power supply which are horribly expensive to replace ( around $676.00 as of 6/2020) when they fail. A cheaper alternative is a modern electronic ballast as used with most new UV systems.

All UV lamps should be replaced every 9000 hours of operating.  The new systems have a digital readout of days remaining to ensure you remember to replace the lamp ( often a problem with the old ballasts).


– East to read display which records both days left to replacement lamp is due.

– creates an audible  chirp when the 365 days has occurred as a reminder to purchase a new lamp. ( can be reset to quieten  the system until a new lamp is purchased).

– Audible beep if the lamp fails.

– Two power options for lamps from 10 to 40 Watts ( Steriflow 369, 800, 900) and 40 to 95 watts ( Steriflow 1000).

– 2 year warranty.

The new power ballast has a plastic cover that slides over the existing chamber end cap. No more screws to remove when changing the lamp !

Easy swap out with one metre power cord.

Weight 5 kg
UV system model / wattage

25 to 40 watt lamp Eg SF 369/800/900, 80 watt lamp eg SF1000