Stainless Steel bracket with two jumbo 10” housings with a 20 micron pre filter to remove large dirt and sediment followed by a 1 micron filter to remove fine sediment, pollen and also Giardia & Cryptosporidium cysts.

Increased sediment removal compared to a single casing system plus the option of adding a carbon filter to remove both chemical sprays and organic taste and odour.

Not recommended where bacteria are likely to be present, where a UV chamber should be added.  Please see our other listings.


  1. 20 micron pleated + 1 micron Polyester spun sediment cartridge ( Standard)
  2. 25 – 1 micron duel gradient sediment cartridge filtering down to 1 micron + a GAC activated carbon cartridge to improve taste and remove pesticides and herbicide sprays.