UV Treatment to destroy bacteria plus two jumbo 20” housings with a 20 micron pre filter to remove large dirt and sediment followed by a 1 micron filter to remove fine sediment, pollen and also Giardia & Cryptosporidium cysts.

If you have known dirty water or known high water flows, 20 inch jumbo filters will increase performance and cartridge life by around three times compared to the standard 10 inch Jumbo cartridges, so is an economical option.

The Greenway 10s Model is a compact chamber rated for standard flows up to 58 litres per minute and maximum flows up to a massive 110 litres per minute. It is however much smaller in size than many other brands, so takes up less space and is cosmetically appealing. It is the ideal chamber for use in standard homes with up to 3 or 4 showers.


1)     Separate components or pre mounted?  To purchase the system pre mounted on a bracket makes installation easy. These systems come complete with a stainless steel connection hose joining the filter casings to the UV chamber and a 25 mm stainless valve to turn then water off when replacing the cartridges so are well priced.  The bracket has a reversible back to allow installation with the lamp pulling either to the left or right hand side.

For vertical UV installation, purchase the chamber and filter casings as separate components.

2)     Carbon Cartridge ?   Activated carbon removes organic chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides as well as improving taste and smell issues. Add a third casing to include a carbon cartridge.