Normally used with Rural tank water supplies this cartridge is ideal for any water supply to remove chemicals, chlorine, organics, bad ratse and odour.

The 1 Micron mesh pad will also remove Giardia and Cryptosporidium cysts, but will not remove bacteria.

Cartridge can be purchased with either 1/4″ ( 6.25 mm) quick fit tube connectors or 1/4″ ( 8mm) open threads so you can reuse your current fittings.

Recommended replacement 12 monthly ( 2 yearly on clean water supplies or with UV treatment )

Made in America. (Cartridge label may vary from that shown)

Was initially known as a 1H-1, then changed to a WRRC2 when Davey Water Products took over the  Microlene brand.  Now renamed as a MSP cartridge.

Genuine cartridge from Microlene will new be an MSP cartridge.

Measures 200 x 60 mm

Max Flow Rate 3 litres per minute

Max pressure rated to 875 kpa ( 125 psi)

Weight 5 kg
Connection Option

BB – 8 mm open threads, JJ – 6mm Quick fit connectors

Wall Bracket Required?

No Wall Bracket, With Wall Bracket