(Also see our page for GAC KDF 30/1 )

This Microlene branded cartridge from Davey Water Products  has had a few names over the years but the cartridge itself has not changed.

Made in America it it a solid all round performer with a 1 micron mesh to remove Giardia and Cryptosporidium cysts, KDF to remove metals such as lead and GAC to remove chemicals, chlorine, organics and taste issues.

It also has silver bonded in the cartridge to lengthen the hygienic life to up to 3 years in low use situations on clean water.  In practice most families need to replace the cartridge every 2 years to maintain high chemical removal ability.

Connection options include either the standard ¼” ( 6mm) quickfit tube connectors or  ¼” ( 8 mm) open thread to reuse your old connectors.

250 mm x 60 mm

1 micron Mesh

GAC and KDF media.

Recommended flow rate 3 litres per minute

Max Pressure 125 psi or 875 kpa

Weight 5 kg
Connection Options

BB – 1/4" ( 8mm) open Thread, JJ – 1/4" (6mm) Tube Quickfit

New Wall Bracket?

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