The Aqua Pro MK808 Shower filter  to fit a standard shower system with 15mm pipe connected to the wall. Note the shower filter attaches between the wall pipe and the shower rose head, so there must be a thread allowing the “head” to be removed.

NOTE:  The filter is most effective with mains pressure hot water systems. If you have unequal hot / cold water pressure such as a low pressure hot water cylinder with a header tank,  there will be a reduction in the flow of hot water through the shower head and the system is NOT recommended.

Plastic ‘Felton’ Brand low pressure hot water systems do not have a thread on the shower rose and are not compatible.

If you have a suitable shower connection, read on;

Most shower filters on the market only have two stages of filtration using KDF and Activated carbon or perhaps just Calcium Sulfate. This system has 6 stages of treatment to provide the best shower water possible;

1)  KDF – Chlorine and Heavy Metals removal plus Bacteria control

2)  Calcium Sulfite – Chlorine removal

3)  Anisotropic Ferrite Magnet– Softens Water

4)  Activated Ceramic Ball– Energizes and Oxygenates

5)  Activated Carbon–  Chlorine, Chemical, Bad taste & Odour removal

6)  High Flow Sediment Filtration – Removes Impurities

  • 15 mm (1/2″) In/Out Ports fits all standard shower connections. Ideal for use with Adjustable showers using a flexi hose.
  • Up to 45,000 litres water use or approximately 6 month Life
  • Improved sudsing and lathering

 This Pure Bath shower filter includes Magnetic wave for an Energized Shower Experience! Creates a softer feel and improves lathering. It is designed with performance in mind and features a multi stage filtering process.

Filter cartridge measures 100 mm long x 70 mm diameter

Rated to 45000 litres or 6 months family use.

Replacement cartridge is $95.00 (May 2022)

Weight 5 kg

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