The AquaPro MK808 Shower filter plus short flexible connection hose and Chrome joiner,  to fit a standard shower system with a current flexible hose connected to a elbow join on the wall.

Most shower filters on the market only have two stages of filtration using KDF and Activated carbon or perhaps just Calcium Sulfate. This system has 6 stages of treatment to provide the best shower water possible;

1)  KDF – Chlorine and Heavy Metals removal plus Bacteria control

2)  Calcium Sulfite – Chlorine removal

3)  Anisotropic Ferrite Magnet– Softens Water

4)  Activated Ceramic Ball– Energizes and Oxygenates

5)  Activated Carbon–  Chlorine, Chemical, Bad taste & Odour removal

6)  High Flow Sediment Filtration – Removes Impurities

  • 15 mm (1/2″) In/Out Ports fits all standard shower connections. Ideal for use with Adjustable showers using a flexi hose.
  • Up to 45,000 litres water use or approximately 6 month Life
  • Improved sudsing and lathering


This Pure Bath shower filter includes Magnetic wave for an Energized Shower Experience! Creates a softer feel and improves lathering. It is designed with performance in mind and features a multi stage filtering process.

Simple installation involves connecting the new supplied hose and filter to the wall elbow join and then connecting the shower hose to the base of the filter cartridge. Takes around 3 minutes to fit.

NOTE:  The filter is most effective with mains pressure hot water systems. If you have unequal hot / cold water pressure such as a low pressure hot water cylinder with a header tank,  there will be a reduction in the flow of hot water through the shower head and the system is NOT recommended.

Short flexi hose supplied is 200 mm long

Filter cartridge measures 100 mm long x 70 mm diameter

Rated to 45000 litres or 6 months family use.

Price includes 200 mm connection hose and Chrome joiner.

Replacement cartridge is $95.00 (May 2022)

Weight 5 kg

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