Pentek RFC Series cartridges are a great choice for Chemical, taste and odour reduction where water pressure is low as the Radial Flow design means the water is passing through the side of the cartridge rather than from end to end as with other GAC cartridges. This gives a greater surface area for water to pass and reduces channeling compared to standard GAC cartidges.

Constructed with a 70-micron porous polyethylene outer shell and durable polypropylene end caps. The  4-1/2″ OD cartridges incorporate a spun polypropylene core. Sandwiched between the outer shell and the core is a bed of granular activated carbon (GAC).

RFC Series cartridges are an ideal choice for a wide range of residential, food service, commercial and industrial applications. They also make excellent polishing filters or pre-filters in applications requiring fine filtration and high capacity.


Weight 5 kg