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The CBC10 Cartridge is the most common cartridge we supply and is the same cartridge as the rebranded BPAC10.  It is also a suitable replacement for the Matrikx CR1 and M+1 cartridges.

Compared to GAC cartridges which use loose activated carbon (usually from coconut fibre) this cartridge has a greater surface area and ability to remove fine chemicals and will not ‘channel’ the water as granulated cartridges do. It contains almost double the media of the common CTO model and is very effective at removing all organic chemicals, taste, odour. It is also one of the most effective cartridge of this size on the market for removing THM’s, ( the chemical ‘by products’ of chlorine reacting with organic matter in the water and known to cause cancers).

Unlike the cheaper GAC coconut fibre cartridges which can act as a source of food for bacteria, the CBC10 media will not promote the growth of bacteria in the cartridge and so along with a greater chemical removal capacity will also remain hygienic for longer than many cheaper cartridges.

Fine 0.5 micron filtration mesh removes Giardia and cryptosporidium Cysts. No release of carbon dust when first installed as most other cartridges do.

The cartridge fits in any standard 10 inch filter casing.

Previously branded as Ametek, US Filter and now Pentair. Pentair are a global giant in the water filtration industry so quality is assured.

A filter wrench helps to open the filter casing so we have added the option of getting a wrench for those people without one. The standard wrench is to suit a Pentek filter casing which is used by most retailers.  The casing has 6 tapered grooves on the sump.  If you have 4 double sets of ribs choose the white wrench. Note these wrenches  fit casings with 1/4 inch port threads as used with 6mm water filter tube. If you have larger port connections refer to the parts section for other options.

Cartridge Code                  CBC10

Micron rating                     Half a micron  ( 0.5u)

Rated Chlorine Capacity Up to 75,000 litres

THM removal                    Approx 4000 litres

Replacement cartridge     $ 75.00 every 12 to 18 months

Removes or reduces         Chlorine, Chemicals, THM’s, PCBs from plastic pipes, aluminium sulphate, dirt, sediment, rust, algae, asbestos, bad taste & odour as well as Giardia and Cryptosporidium cysts

Replaces any existing under sink filter cartridge to a separate tap. If used in line to a main cold tap feed we recommend the Matrikx CTO Plus cartridge as it does not restrict the water flow as much.


Weight 5 kg
Filter Casing Wrench Tool

Add black Filter Casing Wrench, Add White Filter casing wrench, No Wrench