The MC011-S cartridge is a low density silver bonded carbon block cartridge ideally suited to rural situations for the removal of sediment down to 1 micron.

Idealy suited to rain water supplies and suitable for use with low water pressure systems. The silver bonding helps reduce bacteria growth within the cartridge to maintain a hygienic environment,  but if bacteria is known to be present a ceramic cartridge or Ultra Violet should be used in preference to remove the bacteria.

The casing can hold a wide range of cartridges so future options to alter the cartridge model are open.


Cartridge Code                     MC011-S

Micron rating                       1 micron Nominal ( 1.0u)

Rated Chlorine Capacity   Up to 2,000 litres

THM removal                      NA

Replacement cartridge      every 6 to 12 months

Removes or reduces            Chlorine, Chemicals, dirt, sediment, rust, algae, bad taste & odour and Giardia.

Tap Selection

Designer, Designer Lever, Platinum, Short Black Lever

Water Connection Valve

20 mm thread connector, ASV10, Dishwasher take off, G Clamp, Parallel clamp, SV5 Plumbers delight