The K5428 under sink kit is the ideal budget system with an American made  slim 2.5 inch ( 50mm)  Granulated Activated carbon cartridge ( Bigger than some other similar systems) to remove Chlorine, chemicals, taste and odour. (This is the same as the Microlene 1H-1, MRRC1 cartridge)

Ideal budget system to improve the water from Chlorinated urban supplies as well as for roof or bore supplies. ( Will not remove bacteria)

The filter pad removes material down to 1 micron so will remove Giardia & Cryptosporidium cysts,


Dirt, Sediment, Rust , Algae , Asbestos & PCB’s from plastic pipes, Giardia & Cryptosporidium cysts,

The cartridge measures 62 mm diametre x 280 mm long so takes up very little space. Cartridge should be replaced annually under normal use at only $70.00. That’s less than 20 cents per day!!

Kit comes with optional Pressure Limiting Valve which should be used in areas with high water pressure to protect the filter system from cracking due to ‘water hammer’.

The main difference between this system and the Purezone system at $199.00 is a better quality bench top tap.

Tap Selection

Designer, lever, Platinum, Short Black Lever Tap

Water Connection Valve

Dish washer take off, G Clamp, Parallel valve, SV 5 Plumbers Delight, ASV10

Pressure limiting Valve