With its 8 litre per hour cooling capacity, the Waterworks™ IC8 is proof that good things come in small packages. Due to the compact design,

energy efficiency and quiet operation the IC8 Under-sink chiller is the obvious choice for household applications and offices alike.


CABINET: The cabinet is a corrosion resistant, high polymer polyester coated steel panel.

COLD WATER TANK: 1.7 litre fully insulated, 304 stainless steel tank.

REFRIGERATION SYSTEM: R134a refrigerant which is non toxic, non-flammable and non ozone depleting.


GENERAL: The Waterworks™ lC8 can be installed in small spaces with adequate ventilation, and can be used in conjunction with most

inline filter systems.

COOLING PERFORMANCE: Up to 8 litres per hour at 8-10°C

NOTE : For high use areas two cooler units can be stacked together to double the cooling capacity.

Cooling Speed: From 27°C to 8°C in 20 minutes

Draw Off Capacity: 8 cups (150ml) below 10°C


WEIGHT: 12.5 kg (nett)   WIDTH: 21cm   DEPTH: 41cm   HEIGHT: 27.6cm


Include Bench top tap, Filter and fittings?

Cooler unit only, with tap, fittings and filter cartridge