Product is currently not stocked while we do further testing on the cartridge and other options. Due to recent price increases we feel this cartridge is no longer a viable option to reduce fluoride.



The FluorEX Max is revolutionary technology offering removal of fluoride to non detectable levels!

The Fluor Ex Max cartridge is an all natural, advanced fluoride removal media offering an alternative to the traditional Actival based cartridges.

Using modern Nano technology, an activated carbon molecule is bonded with a naturally occurring form of calcium. Due to its unique chemical properties, it has a high capacity to remove Fluoride as well as other negatively charged contaminants such as Arsenic or Lithium.

The FluorEX Max leaves healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium in the water, it wastes no water (unlike Reverse Osmosis systems) and the cartridge fits inside a standard 10 inch filter casing, so is easy to set up.

Removal rate at beginning of cartridge usage is 99% up to approx 2000 litres usage, this with an approved pre-filter.

The FluorEX Max also removes heavy metals and arsenic.

It is therefore most effective when a carbon and KDF  filter is installed in front to remove chemicals and heavy metals, and so it protect the capacity of the FluorEX Max filter to focus on fluoride predominantly.

Capacity: 2000 litres, or 12 to 18 months ( depending on volume of water used)

Monitoring of usage: We recommend to install a water flow meter to monitor usage so you know when it is time to replace the cartridge. These are an optional extra at $95.00 and beep when the preset volume has been used.

 Water Flow rate: The FluorEX-Max filter is most effective to run at approx 1.5 liter/min. The flow rate can be set up by the installer or by yourself: If your water flow is greater than 2 litres/min (if it takes you approx 5 seconds or less to fill your cup with filtered water) your water flow is travelling too quickly.


Must be installed after a high quality Carbon and KDF filter cartridge to prolong the life of the special media which will not only remove the fluoride but will also remove other contaminants as well.  This means you need to have two cartridges installed or the Fluro Max Ex cartridge will not last as long.

Weight 5 kg
Include Carbon or KDF Pre filter cartridge

Include KDF 10 for Standard Casing, Include Slim sealed KDF cartridge, Just the Fluro Max Ex Cartridge, Include CBC carbon Block cartridge