A small compact  GAC carbon cartridge for general removal of chemicals and bad  taste.

(Similar to the Sapphire Blue SL33 cartridge available in hardware shops) Normal use is as a post filter for Reverse Osmosis systems.  We do not recommend use as a single drinking tap filter cartridge as better options are available.

Available as standard with quickfit connectors for 1/4″ or 6mm tubing. Open threads to reuse your old connectors on request only as not always in stock. Adapters are available to use with Sapphire 10 mm tube if required at an addition cost.

Model Code                                      AIC10, ICF10 or SL33

Micron rating                                    5 Microns  ( 1u )

Max Flow rate                                  2 litres per minute

Max Pressure                                   125 psi ( 875 Kpa)

Rated Chlorine Capacity               Up to 7500 litres

THM removal                                   Approx 450 litres

Replacement cartridge                Every 6-12 months

Removes or reduces                      Chlorine, Bad Taste & odour, dirt, sediment, rust, algae.


Weight 5 kg
Pipe connection

1/4" ( 8mm) open thread, 1/4" tube quickfit